Your Nonna's
Pasta, 2.0

A lentil pasta that’s also a foodie's delight?
We’re Bent-ing the rules.

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One ingredient. Mind-blowing taste. It's Pasta-cular

Bentilia Penne, Rotini and Elbow; made only from red lentils from North American farms. Clean label, Non-GMO, kosher, gluten-free, plant-based and plantricious certified. If there was a certificate for awesome we'd have that too.

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every 3.5oz serving is packed with

  • 25g


  • 11g


Your favorite red lentil pasta, supercharged.

Ziti. Zuperfood.
Zamn good pasta

Bentilia 10 Ziti: Our red lentil pasta super-charged with 10 additional superfood ingredients. The entire power of 10.

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